Performing Art

The school has a very rich department of music possessing variety of musical instruments namely harmoniums, tablas, bongos, triple conga drums, guitars, synthesizers, octopod, Violins, Jazz drum and many side rhythms as well as band items etc. The students gain hand on experience and discover their special talent and interest in instrumental and vocal music and pursue them. They are guided and trained by noted Music director and proficient Music teachers.
Children learn in the following disciplines:
(a) Vocal: Solo, Group and Folk songs Light and Classical music.
(b) Instrumental: Harmonium, Tablas, Triple conga drum, Bongo, Guitar, Synthesizer, Jazz drum, Octopod,
violin and side rhythms etc.(School band will be raised soon)
Theatre: One Act Play, Street play, Monologues and Mime
Dance: Group and Folk Dance and Bharat Nat yam

Fine Art

The school has a ‘state of the art’ department of Fine Art. This is wonderfully equipped with art equipment and material. The students are enabled to express their creative ideas through different medium of Fine Art under the guidance of versatile Art teachers. Children observe, contemplate with nature, imagine and joyfully design, compose, paint and portrait. There is one section of clay modeling also. The students are trained to carve round and relief sculpture in clay.

RNLES identifies the special talent of students and fosters it by providing suitable learning facilities in line with the 'Theory of Multiple Intelligences'.

Student Corner

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