Our Highlights

  • Text books published by NCERT, N-Delhi in all subjects and for all classes.
  • Pursuit in letter and spirit ‘Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation’ (CCE), educational reforms and new initiatives of CBSE.
  • Effective transaction of curriculum by qualified, competent and experienced teachers by employing innovative non conventional teaching methods.
  • ‘Research and teach’ strategy and Computer Added Teaching (CAT) or e-learning.
  • De emphasizing memorization and focus on understanding of concepts, and assimilation of knowledge to apply it to solve problems.
  • Periodic training of teachers to enrich their knowledge, hone teaching skills and update them with new reforms and challenges in school education.
  • Participation of students in CCAs, games & sports, drawing & painting, music, dance, theatre and sculpture that cultivate their character and personality.
  • House System and Inter House Competitions to work in teams and imbibe life skills.
  • Doing daily home work in the school itself under the guidance of subject teachers and a light school bag.

Our Educational Objectives

  • To provide modern quality education coupled with strong component of moral values, scientific temper, creativity, adventure and environmental sensitivity through experiential learning in pursuit of excellence of education.
  • To identify the special talent of students and foster it by providing suitable learning facilities in line with the ‘Theory of Multiple Intelligences’.
  • To develop students’ personality imbued with life skills (Self awareness, empathy, critical & creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, interpersonal relationship, communication, coping with stress & emotions) through their participation in various co & extra curricular activities and Inter House competitions.
  • To guide the students to become carrier oriented and begin to prepare in the right earnest for competitive examination.
  • To deliberately create an ideal academic and social environment for the holistic development of students.

Our Vision & Mission

RNLES identifies the special talent of students and fosters it by providing suitable learning facilities in line with the 'Theory of Multiple Intelligences'.

Student Corner

RNLES, Latur
RNLES, Latur
RNLES, Latur