Subjects of Studies

For classes I to V

Languages- English, Hindi and Marathi Math, Environmental Studies (EVS) Computer, Art & Craft, Music, Gen. Knowledge and Physical & Health Education; Work experience for Class V

For Classes VI to VIII

Languages- English, Hindi and Marathi Math, Science and Social Science Computer, Art, Music, Gen. Knowledge, Physical & Health Education and Work Experience

For Classes IX & X

Languages – English and Hindi, Math, Science and Social Science, FOIT, Art, Music, Work Education and Physical & Health Education

For Classes XI & XII

Two Languages: English (Compulsory) and Hindi

Any three Electives for:
Science Stream: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Science.

Commerce Stream: Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics and Computer Science.


Physics and Chemistry are compulsory electives for Science.
Anyone elective out of Maths, Biology and Computer Science can be taken for Science.
In lieu of Hindi, any one of the remaining electives from each group can be taken.
General Studies for both Science and Commerce Stream.