Students’ dos and don’ts

It is expected that the students

  1. are polite, courteous and respectful to all, both in and out of school.
  2. greet teachers and staff members and visitors to the school.
  3. do not run about and shout and whistle in the school building.
  4. do not leave the school premises without the Principal’s permission
  5. keep class room and school premises clean and tidy.
  6. are punctual and regular in the school..
  7. report to the school in time at 8.20 am
  8. submit assignment and project to the teachers regularly and in time.
  9. do not remain absent for any test/exam.
  10. converse in English and speak softly, clearly with courtesy.
  11. follow the code of sportsmanship viz obey rules, keep temper cool, body fit, a stout heart in defeat, a pride in victory, a clear and pristine mind while playing games.
  12. do not bring valuable articles to the school.
  13. apply for leave only when it is absolutely essential