School History

We can vividly walk down the memory lane and recall the events in pre independence era, which led to the birth of Shri Marwadi Rajasthan Shikshan Sanstha. It was in 1939. The first convention of Nizam Provincial Marwadi Samaj was held in Hyderabad. There it was emphasized that social reforms are not possible unless we spread education in our society and every person is well educated. To implement this resolve of spreading education in the society, a massive meeting of Marwadi brethrens of Latur was convened on Jan 5, 1940 and amongst other eminent persons Seth Shri Puranmal Ji Lahoti – then a pioneer in the field of school education, exhorted the audience by his inspiring speech to devote themselves to the work of education. A plan to start a school was drawn and its first management committee was constituted. Seth Shri Puranmal Ji Lahoti became its President. The school was named as “Shri Marwadi Rajasthan Vidyalaya” and it started with only 55 students upto class IV on its roll. It was a landmark decision to turn around the then prevailing poor condition of education in society. Seth Shri Bankatlal Ji Lahoti inaugurated Classes V, VI and VII on November 1940 and the strength of the students rose to 350. Class VIII was added in 1941 and thus the work of education kept on broadening its base from strength to strength, necessitating for a large and permanent building of the school to conduct education. For the purpose, Seth Shri Puranmal Ji Lahot, Seth Shri Vishnudas Ji Rathi, Seth Shri Vishan Ji and Seth Shri Dullabh Ji Vora donated about 6 acres land and 1 acre land was purchased. Thus on 28th Oct, 1954, bhoomi pujan of the school building was ceremoniously done in 7 acres piece of land and its construction work started. As per the Govt. rules, the Sanstha became a statutory education body with registration no. B. 6/1958 (Marathwada)

The Sanstha also deliberated and took initiative to provide education to girls. In 1946, Seth Shri Bankatlal Ji Lahoti and Seth Shri Puranmal Ji Lahoti   established a school for girls. It was baptized after the name of the rev. wife of Seth Shri bankatlal Ji Lahoti as “Shri Godavari Devi Lahoti Kanya Shala”. This school provided free education to girls. This school then started its one branch named “Shri Godavari Devi kanya Shala” . All expenditure on education, material and facilities including the construction of buildings of both schools was born by Lahoti Parivar. which has already transferred, free of any cost, the buildings and all other property and material of these schools in the name of the Sanstha in 1960. In sequel, Shri Bankatlal Lahoti Englsh School and Shri Puranmal Lahoti Primary school and Sou. Kesharbai Bhargav Primary School were subsequently established by the Sanstha. Further to add one more feather of achievement in its cap, the Sanstha established Raja Narayanlal Lahoti English School in June 2009. This is now an Innovative CBSE Higher Secondary School of Quality. And our relentless work to serve the cause of education goes on