Rules and Regulations

School Fees:

The parents are required to pay the full amount of the prescribed fees before the commencement of the academic year ie before 1st April. At the parent’s request, the Management may accept the payment of fees in two installments at the beginning of each term ie before 1st April and 1st October.

The management reserves the right to revise the fee structure as and when it is warranted under intimation to the parents.

No remission of fee is allowed on account of long absence.

Fee once paid is neither refundable nor re adjustable.

If the fee is not paid with in the due date, a suitable amount of fine per day will be levied. The school will not send any reminder in this regard.

If the fee and late fee is not paid to the school within 30 days, the admission will be cancelled. However, readmission may be considered on the Principal’s discretion on justifiable ground.

Students’ dos and don’ts:

It is expected that the students

  1. are polite, courteous and respectful to all, both in and out of school.
  2. greet teachers and staff members  and visitors to the school.
  3. do not run about and shout and whistle in the school building.
  4. do not leave the school premises without the Principal’s permission
  5. keep class room and school premises clean and tidy.
  6. are punctual and regular in the school..
  7. report to the school in time at 8.20 am
  8. submit assignment and project to the teachers regularly and in time.
  9. do not remain absent for any test/exam. 
  10. converse in English and speak softly, clearly with courtesy.
  11. follow the code of sportsmanship viz obey rules, keep temper cool, body fit, a stout heart in defeat, a pride in victory, a clear and pristine mind while playing games.
  12. do not bring valuable articles to the school.
  13. apply for leave only when it is absolutely essential. 

Leave Rules:

1.    A leave to a student is granted only on the parent’s application addressed to the Principal through the class teacher in time.

2.    The period of leave with reason should be recorded in the student diary by the parent with signature.

3.    In case of illness, a Medical Certificate is desirable to be attached with the application.

4.    Long absence except in case of illness is not allowed.

5.    At least 75% attendance in the school is essential to become eligible to write school/board exam. as per CBSE rule.


1.    Late coming to the school is not allowed.

2.    Any kind of damage to the school building, equipment and library books etc will be made good by the parents.

3.    No re-examination will be taken for any absentee

4.    A student becomes liable to be withdrawn from the school when

  1. S/he tampers marks or grade attendance in the progress report card.
  2. S/he indulges in any act of indiscipline
  3. S/he becomes detrimental to the smooth and fair working of the school.
  4. S/he uses unfair means in the test/exam.
  5. S/he damages or abets any damage to the school’s property and equipment or material.

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